Implementations streamlined.
Automate a customer engaging step-by-step process to launch products/services cleaner and faster.
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So how does it all work?
Funnel multiple templates into a project plan that represent stages, products, or services you are launching.
Invite customers and 3rd parties to join in on the experience. If they don't accept; no problem, updates can be made to the project via smart email templates.
Put your onboarding process on auto-pilot by relying on dependency logic to send notifications to the next in line.
Project updates keep stakeholders accountable to each other.
Work the Plan
Complete tasks, attach files/hyperlinks & communicate with customers, team members & 3rd parties.
Watch the Results
Enable your customers to self serve allowing you to do more with less and see projects launch faster.
Who we serve
BEynd was created to facilitate a more transparent customer facing project management experience for all parties.
Beynd allows us to take what our best implementation specialist are doing and duplicate that across our whole Customer Success team.   The result; a more engaging, predictable, and streamlined customer experience.   Net Promoter Scores have sky rocketed.
"Beynd has helped us streamline the onboarding experience for our customers by simplifying and automating both task-level and project status communication."
Customer loyalty is won or lost in the first 30 days
Beynd facilitates a seamless transition between your sales, implementation staff, and customers by keeping everyone on the same page.
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