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Use beynd's project management software for consistent project updates, notifications on time-sensitive tasks and sign-off on important decisions. We drive engagement so you can increase evangelism in your brand.
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Client Implementation simplified with these features:
Project Overview

Get a bird's-eye view of your project. The provided visual timeline indicates its start and finish, as well as any progress.

Driving engagement makes the implementation process faster and cleaner. Get everybody on the same page by making sure everyone is doing what it takes to meet the deadline for your project.

Plan View

The planning view provides a transparent window to everything that needs to happen before project completion. This page allows you to stack multiple templates of your products or services so you can track the progress of each one from a single view.

You won't have to log in to get the updates or work on your tasks; whether you choose to work on email or through our portal, the results are the same.

Recording progress made easy for customers

Customers will view an outline of pending tasks they need to complete for a successful project. They can mark a task as done, working on it, or stuck. This feature allows team to get immediate help from a project manager when they encounter a problem.

Easy task assignments for project managers

Project managers can use the plan view for bulk assignments to team members... Taking the hassle out of assigning tasks. In turn, this helps them drive better engagement and greater accountability.

Team View

Know who is doing what for projects with multiple people involved. Our project tracking tool provides an overview of their progress and pending tasks.

Customer loyalty is won or lost in the first 30 days
beynd facilitates a seamless transition between your sales, implementation staff, and customers by keeping everyone on the same page.
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