Project Management Software for Teams
Beynd's software platform is made for team management. We address onboarding challenges through our team task management software.
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Transparent Communication between Parties

Companies use our tool to communicate expectations and progress, increase engagement, create accountability and get every party on the same page when it comes to client onboarding, implementation or the add-on/renewal process.

Driving Greater User Engagement

Unlike other project management tools in the marketplace, our software doesn't require you to log in to view project updates. Whether you choose to work through email or the beynd portal, the results are the same.

Our unique, client-facing tool uses email templates that drive users to do their work so companies and individuals can self-serve more during onboarding. We have 98% engagement rate -- this means you can reduce the time it takes to go live and increase bookings.

Enhancing External Communication

Our software contains a useful callout feature that makes external communication between teams easier. Similar to LinkedIn, we have an @mention feature where you can tag any working on the project, and that person will get an email.

Team members can communicate from a single platform, eliminating back-and-forth exchanges via email.

Simplifying the Implementation Process

POS, CRM, ERP, and many other services and software focused companies use our team project management tool to drive engagement and simplify the setup process. Our tool maps out the required steps for the install/go-live process, then shares the project with customers to keep them updated. It also automates task assignments, so customers and project managers can complete their task more quickly. This way stakeholders can stay up to date on the project too.

Our client implementation tool facilitates a transparent customer-facing project management experience for everyone involved in the project.

Customer loyalty is won or lost in the first 30 days
beynd facilitates a seamless transition between your sales, implementation staff, and customers by keeping everyone on the same page.
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